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o0o0o [08 Mar 2003|10:31pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

i really like this pic of me!! i took it tonight!! ^_^


what do you guys think? lol

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musical [08 Mar 2003|12:05am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hey!!! I just got back from our school's musical!!! It was so cool! They did "Guys and Dolls".. it was the musical i tried out for lol. i hope i make it next year though... well it was so cute!! there were alot of kissing parts and cute parts and funny parts!!! And alot of singing and dancing!! It was awesome! i feel like i wanna go again!! hahah

oh my gosh...i jsut saw this really cool video!!! OF JESSE MCCARTNEY SINGING!!! MUHAHAAHAHA .... i am just too obsessed with that boy... *sighs* too bad i dont really know him...if i did.....damn...i wish i did!!!!!! ^.^ lol well im tired... ttyl!

Love Always,


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MUHAHAHAHAHAH [01 Mar 2003|04:10pm]

I LOVE THIS BOY!!! *huggles* lolol my goodness!! weee... i think i sorta cheated? NOO i didnt!! i was gonna say that answer anyways!!! lol i swear i was! dude i'm like so obsessed with him!! lolol sorry im crazy.. i shall go now lololol


webcam [28 Feb 2003|10:14pm]
i got a new webcam! Christina came with me to get it!! We hung out today! man too bad i didn't get it to work till after she left! Thanks christina for the help!

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i got a new webcam! Christina came with me to get it!! We hung out today! man too bad i didn't get it to work till after she left! Thanks christina for the help!
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why is there so much hate in the world? [22 Feb 2003|10:21pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I can't stop crying! ... my aunt is going back to the philippinese in april... and i dont know if she's ever gonna come back. And it's been like a year and a mouth since i last saw my uncle....i miss him so damn much!!! he was so cool and funny! He was like a 2nd dad yah know? i know i probably already wrote an entry like this.. but it's just so wrong! my uncle was such a good person.. he never did anything bad or broke any laws!! he was jsut trying to start a new life here.... and they call this the land of the free? they deported him back! i mean he was trying to get a citizenship but instead they sent him back!! and now my aunt is gonna go back... i mean it's wrong if she stays here.. caz she's been apart from her true love for sooo long! they talk on the phone every night and it's so sad..... their love is so strong tho... i hate how i never appreciate what i have... i take my aunt for granted somtimes..... it's like if my parents get me mad i take out on other people!! and she just trys to be nice but i have to give her a stupid ass attitude!! god.. im such a bad person... she always thinks of other too....she always buys things for her grand children and always sends stuff to the people in the philippines.... and the other day she was worried about how she was gona make money there.. caz she said that they don't higher "older people" for jobs! god.... i wish i could do somthing... if i had one wish in the world... it would be to have me uncle come back here and to keep things the way they were... before all these stupid terrorist attacks and before everyone started hating each other... i cant keep my sadness in anymore.... one day im just gonna break down.... why cant everything be at peace and happy again..... i guess it was better when we were little kids and we didn't know any better and we would play house....

~it's never gona be like that is it?

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